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COLD SHOWERS! Naturally Boost Dopamine, Increase Noradrenaline, and Accelerate Fat

In this episode we’re going to share with you how to boost your Dopamine, increase Noradrenaline, balance blood pressure, and accelerate your fat burning, with one simple, natural thing – for FREE!

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In a collection of studies, they found cold water immersion at 14º C / 57ºF for one hour had a series of major impacts on the human body – here’s just 5 of the many they found

1. Increased Metabolic Rate by 350%
Metabolic rate – measurement of calories your body burns
Your body starts burning more calories to heat itself up – good for weight loss and burning fat.

2. Increased Heart Rate by 5%
Benefits of increased heart rate – burn more calories, improve cardiovascular system to deliver O2 to bodys cells
Similar to exercise

2. Raised Systolic BP by 7% and Diastolic Blood Pressure by 8%
Being inactive can result in high blood pressure, which is dangerous – but physical exercise increases blood pressure for a short time, then returns to normal – over time with good diet and exercise your overall blood pressure will improve to healthy ranges
A slight increase in Blood pressure, just like in exercise, is actually good for you.

3. Increased Plasma Noradrenaline by 530%
Plasma Noradenaline, also called Norepinephrine
Stored in small amounts in adrenal tissue – functions primarily as a neurotransmitter with some function of a hormone which is released into the bloodstream from the adrenal glands.
It increases output of blood from the heart, increases blood glucose levels and modulate immune system function such as T cells – otherwise known as killer cells – they fight cancer, bacteria and viruses – along with many other functions that improve the immune system
In the brain, neurepheneprhine increases arousal and alertness, improves retrieval of memory and focus.
It is necessary for increasing physical exercise – and also for fight or flight – safety and survival.
It also increase fat burning in fat cells
May potentially help depression and mood, improved cognitive function, althzheimers disease, parkinsons disease, migraines, bipolar, and chronic fatigue
Obviously you dont want to produce it continuosly – such as in constant stress – it will limit physical ability to heal and recover – that’s why it’s important to sleep / rest / meditate / recover to balance

4. Plasma Aldosterone Increased by 23%
Aldosterone is hormone important in helping control blood volume and blood pressure.

5. Increase dopamine by 250%
Dopamine is neurotransmitter that helps control the brains reward and pleasure centers.
Dopamine deficiency results in Parkinsons disease, and people with low dopamine are more prone to addiction.
Also called the motivation molecule, provides drive and focus you need to be productive.
Your brain releases dopamine when you feel pleasure, such as eating your favorite foods, exercising, or having sex.
Lack of dopamine associated with fatigue, apathy, lack of focus, forgetfulness, sugar cravings, low motivation, and moodiness


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COLD SHOWERS! Naturally Boost Dopamine, Increase Noradrenaline, and Accelerate Fat